ubit.info Terms of service
You must accept the below terms of service to use the ubit.info service.
  1. You may have to enter your e-AMUSEMENT GATE account details to check you are the owner of the account. You can't use this service if you use the One-time Password service. The e-AMUSEMENT GATE account that you have entered is not saved and used only to check your basic account information.
  2. If you register by RIVAL ID, you cannot change any settings before checking your e-AMUSEMENT GATE account. If your account already exists, you can sign in to your account from the "FindMyID" menu.
  3. The service availability is not ensured, so it may be stopped at any time without any prior notice given.
  4. Within the service range, we offer the ability for you to set up your own configuration. The service provider can block your account or IP address if unauthorized access is detected at any time.
  5. If we can't get your data properly due to the change of privacy status, we can delete your account at any time without any notice.
  6. If we detect any unusual or uncharacteristic activity, we can use your history of all connections to legal action.
  7. If you want to know the update time, please check on the main page.

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